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Highly relevant domain names worth “thousands of keywords” in search

September 11th, 2015|News|

A comprehensive study of the top 30 Google search results across 10,000 keywords has found the importance of keywords in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is decreasing, while short and highly relevant domain names have the equivalent worth of “thousands of keywords in the rankings”. The study by Searchmetrics – one of the world’s leading SEO [...]

What’s Google’s play with top-level domains?

August 8th, 2015|News|

Google has made its name synonymous with the Internet by transforming the way we use and understand the web. We don’t just search – we Google. The big question is – what’s next for the tech giant? Clues to answer this may lie in the company’s increasing interest in new Top-Level Domains (TLDs). TLDs are [...]

Protect your good name!

August 5th, 2015|News|

Cyber-squatters can wreck your reputation and reach Cyber sabotage sounds like something that only happens to big multinational corporations, not everyday Australian blogs and businesses. Unfortunately, cybercrime is a lucrative new frontier for those who are tech savvy and unscrupulous, and it’s thriving right here in Australia. At its worst, it can negatively impact the [...]

The right start: Ensuring your start-up succeeds

January 5th, 2015|News|

A successful start-up understands that business is not just about having a ‘cool’ idea; it’s about ensuring all the parts of a business work in unison. Marketing, distribution and a clean user experience for a start-up are just as important as the product or service provided. Start-me up Let’s look at the app industry. It [...]