Dutch-based Marco Polo Study is an educational platform offering a wide selection of degree programs and language courses in English and Chinese, at prominent universities in China. When it came to getting noticed and clearly explaining their offering to potential customers, Marco Polo Study chose a .study domain to take their service to the world – marcopolo.study.

For students with a minimum of a high school diploma and a reasonable level of English, Marco Polo Study provides assistance in applying for a limited number of Chinese government scholarships that provide full coverage for tuition fees, accommodation, and insurance, in addition to a monthly allowance.

The Marco Polo Study team provides interested students with a free consultation to explain the wide variety of educational programs and language courses available, helping to tailor the most suitable solution for them – along with assisting in the application process and visa application.

And they’re doing all this with a .study domain name for the foundation of their website and email.

colorful chinese lanterns in alleyway

“We would like our customers, just by hearing or reading our company name, to instantly relate it to the services they can receive,” said Marco Polo Study’s Yana Pavlova.

“We believe our educational focus, combined with the adventure of discovering opportunities for knowledge, experience and development in China, is well represented by a popular historical figure such as Marco Polo, and the .study domain completes the impression.”

To date, Pavlova says their experiences using the .study domain have been very great. Feedback from customers, partners and colleagues has been “very positive”. She explained that “they like the focus and the way our domain presents the services we deliver.”

It’s early days for Marco Polo Study, which is now turning its sights to search engine optimization. “This is an area we want to explore further to really get the most use out of the domain name.”

Pavlova also believes the .study domain name will help get Marco Polo Study noticed by potential customers.

“As the internet gets more and more overcrowded with information and people’s attention is torn between countless adverts and brands, domain names that are focused are more refreshing and noticeable.”

To get your education or training business noticed online with a clear and relevant domain name, find your .study domain now.