Head injuries in elite athletes is an important health issue that’s becoming a growing concern, as athletes from a variety of sports routinely being injured in the head. But what lasting effect do these injuries have on players — and, in particular, female players? That’s what Head in the Game hopes to find out.

The .study domain name is about sharing and developing knowledge. And Head in the Game, found at www.hitg.study, is working to develop and share knowledge of the potential adverse effects of a professional sports career on musculoskeletal and neurocognitive health in former female athletes.

The project comprises of three studies that are conducted in the Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S. Former elite football players, along with control people, are evaluated on their current health and injury history, and then followed up using different examination methods. Using a .study domain name makes it easier for the research team to reach out to possible participants and publicise their project.

The project is based at Germany’s MSH Medical School Hamburg. While many studies have investigated acute football injuries, few have evaluated long-term health consequences of a professional football career. The potential effect of head impacts and injuries on the development of late life neurologic or mental diseases in particular remains controversial.

Head in the Game is an important step towards closing the current knowledge gap. Based on the results, it’s anticipated the researchers will be able to make recommendations to improve long-term health of current and future elite athletes.

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