The world of online start-ups is a dynamic and exciting one, but also presents significant challenges for new players in standing out from the ever-crowded market.

Chalkup is an online learning management tool designed to bring together everything a classroom needs to collaborate, share work and resources, track performance and interact with classmates and teachers.

Including features such as the ability to submit paperless assignments and grade online, forums to share information and integration with Google Apps for ease of collaboration, Chalkup aims to support student time management and “get everyone on the same page”.



Chalkup CEO, Justin Chando explained that as a tech organisation in the education industry, the ability to build a memorable, stand-out brand is vital to the company’s success. To support this mission, Chalkup recently registered the great generic domain name

“We want to be the next great learning management system – the tool that classrooms want to use because it’s so forward-looking, clean, and human,” said Mr Chando.

“Our marketing materials must communicate these qualities – a .study domain really fit the bill.”

As the place online for sharing studies and connecting with likeminded lovers of learning, .study domain names offer an enormous variety of available names for those in the research, education and learning sectors.

Mr Chando explained that the opportunity to register a .study domain name reflected the company’s innovative and tech-savvy nature.

“We jumped on the opportunity to buy because it was playful, innovative, and focused. And that sounds a lot like Chalkup,” he said.

“It’s all in the details. That’s where you really get to see what a brand is all about. We’re a fun, forward-looking company and I think using this domain is an example of that.”


Chalkup’s approach is already resonating with users, as classrooms and teachers across the US log on and share their experiences with the platform – including Hollis-Brookline High School in New Hampshire and North Olmsted Middle School in Ohio.

Mr Chando hopes the generic domain will be a memorable and innovative centrepiece for future marketing campaigns aimed particularly at students. He sees the phrase “let’s study” as a perfect fit for Chalkup’s time management tools and student-centric content.

“We’re excited to have for future student-focused campaigns that highlight the collaborative nature of our product. The .study domain name was a great match for that.”