Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom, eyes glazing over, while a teacher writes notes on the blackboard. As technology continues advancing, innovative new ways of teaching and learning are coming into play. That’s the spirit behind HoloStudy.

Still in the startup stage, this Russian-based business has a mission to bridge the gap between the amount of information available to students and older, outdated models of teaching. A play on “hologram,” HoloStudy is harnessing the power of mixed reality (MR) to ensure that education is interesting, creative, and, most of all, useful to students.

HoloStudy lessons all feature a virtual professor, tests, lab work, and holographic games, allowing students to reinforce what they’re learning. Thanks to MR technology, teachers and students can interact with the same hologram, allowing for team work.

For teachers, HoloStudy provides an interactive way of explaining difficult processes and phenomena for traditionally tough academic subjects like geology, chemistry, and physics. Instead of trying to learn difficult concepts straight from the textbook, MR technology allows students to, quite literally, get amongst what they’re learning. The result? Motivated students, engaged teachers, and high-quality education all around.

Currently, HoloStudy’s looking for educational institutions to partner with and transfer their programs into MR. Could this be the future of education? All signs point to yes.