For many students, gaining valuable, real-world experience to complement their degree is the difference between simply completing their course; and emerging from their studies as prepared, employable professionals in demand in the job market.hoha_logo

Hands on Health Australia (HoHA) is a not-for-profit organisation that offers allied and complementary health services to the sick, unemployed, disabled, aged and disadvantaged. As well as working towards this worthy cause every day, HoHA offers placement opportunities to students, providing meaningful work experience to those training for qualifications in health services.

Gabby Lam, HoHA Office Manager explained that these placement experiences can assist students in becoming more well-rounded professionals.

“Through our programs students can build upon their studies in an international, cross-cultural way, giving them a competitive edge over their student counterparts,” said Ms Lam.

“Specifically in the area of healthcare, we believe that by providing opportunities such as these, students can go on to be better practitioners.”

students2To more effectively target the student market and create a memorable call to action for marketing activities, HoHA registered the new domain name
, taking advantage of the .study extension to add greater meaning to the domain name.

“As we are moving forward and taking students to our projects sites, we chose the .study domain to gauge interest in the student population,” said Ms Lam.

“Although we have a main website for the organisation, we have chosen to use the .study domain as a way to increase our audience to students that might not otherwise find us, or realise that we offer student placements.”

The organisation has found that the additional qualifier of ‘.study’ has allowed the website to reach the student market more effectively, by giving more information about what the site is about and who it is aimed at.

Ms Lam explained that this has widened the net for potential applications.

“Since launching the .study page in 2015, we have found a significant increase in interest and queries about our international placements. We are now reaching a wider audience beyond the classroom and are able to harness this to our advantage. With the .study domain, we have made this process easier for students to find us through their search engines.”

For an organisation looking to increase promotion of its educational opportunities outside its day-to-day operations, a .study domain name provided a way to add meaning to its web address and tap in to its target market with a relevant keyword with broad appeal.