Spotify has provided a perfect example of using a .study name to share reports and studies – especially for brands outside of academia looking for a fun way to promote research.

In 2017, Spotify changed its approach to the annual ‘Year in Music’ to create a campaign that would capture attention and drive more engagement. And so, the Spotify ‘Wrapped’ campaign was born.

Using account data, Spotify users were presented with a personalized recap of their listening habits during the year. From minutes of music streamed, to top artists and songs and more, the experience was fun and eye-catching. Along with the personalized landing pages, Spotify rolled out a major marketing campaign that featured trends across its platform – emerging themes in user-generated playlists, most popular artists and albums, and everything in-between.

spotify wrapped 2018

The campaign gained huge engagement and was repeated at the end of 2018.

But one key difference when it came to the Spotify 2018 Wrapped campaign was the landing page. Spotify chose a .study domain name to host the 2018 Wrapped site:

The page is just as colorful and engaging as the 2017 version, but has a simpler and cleaner web address. It’s a really clever use of .study to create a domain of the phrase ‘our case study’. Congratulations Spotify for showing how domains can be used creatively to build recognizable, memorable pathways to content – and that .study domains and research are such a perfect match.

Pro-tip: When using a sub-page on your domain like ‘/2018wrapped’, make sure your domain resolves somewhere cool in case people miss the extension! is currently a blank page, but could host a landing page or simply redirect to the Spotify homepage or app download link.